My thoughts on Trader Joe’s Ready to Bake Brownies

IMG_0181Anyone who knows me knows that my love for Trader Joes is pretty much indescribable so when I stumbled upon their Ready to bake brownies in a pouch non-persishable on a shelf no refrigeration required, no adding any additional ingredients just open the pouch and pour into a pan and bake. I just thought it doesn’t get any lazier than this but I am occasionally AOK with laziness lol.

As I said before you pour in a pan and bake I added some chocolate chunks to mine and topped it with a little sea salt.




They weren’t too bad you could tell it lacked the flavor of butter that you would normally use in regular brownies and although I added the chocolate chunks it wasn’t as choclaty as I would have liked them to be. But  I will say they were nice and gooey like I like em. None the less the concept of ready to bake brownies from a pouch is genius only if all our favorite desserts came ready to bake like these lol. Try them you might just like them or at least like the concept of a quick and easy dessert to make.


Salts I use for my baking


Using different salts is just a personal preference but I thought I would share with you which salts I prefer with my recipes. I get the majority of my salts and spices from Penzy’s I love that place. Anywho here are the salts I prefer:

Grey Sea Salt- I find this great for making sauces such as salted caramel sauce gives the sauces a little kick.

Sea Salt- I find the flakes great for topping brownies, cookies or desserts like my famous salted caramel cupcakes.

Kosher Salt-great for baking cakes, breads or rolls. I primarily use kosher salt with my baking.

Popcorn Salt- great for reducing the sweetness in my buttercream yet still fine enough where you do not taste the granules of salt.

Lemon lime salt- great for topping lemon or lime desserts such as Tequila Cupcakes or salting the rim of a margarita glass or while having a shot of tequila.